VVD still votes against more flights Schiphol

The VVD party voted against a motion of the PVV that allows more flights to and from Schiphol as Lelystad Airport opens later. As a result, Schiphol can not transfer flights and runs counter to the borders.

Last week VVD MP Dijkstra pleaded for the number of Schiphol flights to be able to rise above the limit of 500,000 flight movements per year. “For the VVD, a lock on aviation is not an option,” Dijkstra said. “That is disastrous for our business climate, for the economy and it costs jobs.” He also pointed out the importance of holidays for hard-working Dutch people.

Today the party still voted against. According to Dijkstra, he only “wanted to throw a stone in the pond”. But the other parties can not really appreciate this action, as it turned out:

PVV MP Graus says in a reaction that the statements of the VVD are not worth anything. “I think he was retaliated by the coalition, he was really on my line”, says Graus. The Party for the Animals speaks of political puppetry. “The VVD isolates itself because of these idiotic growth plans,” says Member of Parliament Van Raan.

The coalition partners CDA and D66 do not like the behavior of the VVD neatly to the residents of Schiphol, but are pleased that the party voted against it today. “It is good that the VVD has come to repentance,” says D66 Member of Parliament Paternotte. “No more than 500,000 flight movements is an agreement with local residents and promise is to blame, as is the government.”

For the motion of the PVV, there had also been no majority with the votes of the VVD MPs. Dijkstra says he will come up with an own idea for growth up to 2020 for which there is a majority in the Chamber.

In the North Sea

Furthermore, Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure will be investigating whether it is feasible to have an airport or 'main port'. to build in the North Sea. The motion of D66 and 50Plus on this was not voted today, because the minister had already promised that she would carry out the idea.

In December Van Nieuwenhuizen said that an airport in the sea is not realistic. It costs tens of billions, such an airport is far from the civilized world and there are safety risks, including the objections of the VVD minister. Even before the summer she comes with a research design.

VVD wants more flights to and from Schiphol

The VVD in the House of Representatives thinks that the number of flights to and from Schiphol must be able to rise above the limit of 500,000 flight movements per year.

“Delaying Lelystad Airport was a legitimate decision, but it does confront us with a choice “, says member of parliament Dijkstra. “A lock on aviation is not an option for the VVD, which is disastrous for our business climate, for the economy and it costs jobs.”

It was the intention that Lelystad Airport would take over part of the holiday flights from Schiphol. That plan was postponed because the flights would cause too much inconvenience for local residents. Plans are now being made to reduce the number of low flights that make more noise.

Holiday flights

This afternoon, the House of Representatives debates on the distribution of air traffic over Schiphol and Lelystad. The parties are divided over the future of the airports.

VVD and CDA want the Lelystad government to take over holiday flights as soon as possible. D66 and ChristenUnie wonder whether this will ever be possible given the difficult distribution of airspace.

The residents 'organizations of the six Dutch airports, united in the National Residents' Council Aviation (LBBL), offer a manifest before the debate. MPs. They want a stop on growth and more tax on air tickets and kerosene.

The parliamentary debate can be followed live from about 4 pm on NPO Politiek