Actions at Schiphol are ready, FNV resumes negotiations

Ground staff at Schiphol is temporarily stopping the strike actions. Their trade union, FNV Luchtvaart, responds to the invitation of the employers to talk about a new employment conditions on Monday.

FNV Luchtvaart represents 1650 baggage handlers and counter staff at the companies Aviapartner, Swissport and Menzies Aviation. In recent weeks, the work has been interrupted several times. The baggage staff also kept punctuality actions, in which the rules are strictly observed and, for example, suitcases that are too heavy are no longer handled. Yesterday FNV announced new actions.

The use of FNV is a collective labor agreement that applies to the entire sector, instead of for the three companies separately. Because it is missing, different companies can compete with each other on terms of employment. FNV wants to stop this “race to the bottom”. The union also requires a wage increase, a lower workload and “healthier work schedules.”

At KLM, the largest baggage handler, it was not stopped because these negotiations are still ongoing. KLM also has its own collective labor agreement