Bouwwereld reports an alarm about 'hasty' natural gas ban

In the construction world, there are major concerns about the 'hasty' ban on building new homes with a natural gas connection. That goes on July 1, half a year earlier than the sector thought. Sector organizations write in a letter to the government that they do not find this evidence of good governance, reports de Volkskrant

Project developers, construction companies and housing associations are afraid of delays and out-of-control costs for building plans that are still on the drawing board. It would be at least 10,000 houses that were designed with a natural gas connection.

The designs have to be adapted and that entails costs. Homes are also delivered later than planned. For example, houses should be equipped with, for example, an air heat pump instead of a boiler.

Panic football

In the coalition agreement of last October, “the end of the government's term” was taken as the target moment for all new homes to be free of natural gas. to deliver. Minister Ollongren mentioned in December the year 2020.

But the heavy earthquake in Zeerijp on 8 January led to politics getting hastily. At the end of January, the House of Representatives decided that the obligation to connect all houses in the Netherlands to the gas should be removed as quickly as possible. That will be 1 July. The interest group of project developers Neprom speaks of 'panic football'. Projects that have been on the road for a long time must be radically revised.

There is also a shortage of installers who know how to install a heat pump. That is the considerably more expensive alternative to the traditional central heating boiler.