Regional transport does not stop during final exams

In regional transport, the next three weeks will not be discontinued on working days in order to spare pupils who take their exams. Bus drivers did stop on Saturday, May 19th. Where is not yet known, that will be brought out next week.

In the past few months has been regularly stopped in regional transport. Recently there were two national strike days that were followed by regional actions last week. The trade unions want to enforce a better collective labor agreement for the 12,000 employees in the sector.

'No extra pressure'

FNV driver Paula Verhoef says that a weekend strike has now been chosen because drivers do not take the examination candidates extra put pressure on it. “Secondary school students have to be able to be sure they arrive at school on time without problems, and public transport workers know better than any other workload.”

She emphasizes that the relay strike will continue on weekdays after the exam period. Verhoef denounces the workload of drivers and says that employers can only prevent strikes “by getting over the bridge”. In addition to reducing the workload, the unions also want more wages.

In January there was an agreement between unions and employers where an increase of 8.3 per cent in three years had been agreed, permanent contracts for a thousand temporary employees and an approach to the workload. However, the members found it insufficient and rejected the agreement, followed by strikes again with bus companies and regional train operators.

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